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Suits, sweaters, silks. They get all the love and attention via trips to the dry cleaners. But what about the real workhorse delicates of your home? Things you come in contact with every single day such as rugs and comforters. These items can definitely benefit from a professional cleaning. Let’s take a closer look at some often ignored fabrics in your home that could use some professional TLC. 

  • Curtains and Drapes – Because you see them everyday, it is difficult to notice the gradual soiling and fading that occurs with drapes and curtains. They may seem fine, but when you have them professionally cleaned, you will see them brighten and return to their original luster. Some items may have a care tag on them. If they say “machine washable” it is okay to wash them at home, as long as they fit easily in your machine. Overfilling your washing machine is not good for your machine or your fabric. 
  • Comforters – Even though some blankets and comforters may be machine washable, there are benefits to dry cleaning them instead. Dry cleaning ensures all the dirt and soiling is removed. And while your blankets and comforters will slowly shrink with regular machine washing, dry cleaning will help your pieces retain their original size and form. 
  • Area Rugs – No garment can compare to the wear and tear your area rugs see. Even with regular vacuuming and occasional stain removal, professionally cleaning your rugs once a year will remove all the excess dirt and return the rugs to their former glory. If you encounter a stain that you cannot fully remove, having the rug dry cleaned as soon as possible will make it more likely that stain comes out completely. 
  • Pillows – Dry cleaning down and feather pillows helps them retain their softness and fluffiness. While they can be cleaned at home, it is important to use extreme care. The slightest of tears can result in your laundry room turning into a chicken coop when that pillow opens up! Care must also be taken to be sure the pillow is completely dry (though that too must happen slowly and naturally) or you risk mildew growing inside the pillow. Overwashing is also a concern, as this will remove all the material’s natural oils over time. 
  • Table Cloths – No fabric encounters more stains and spills than a tablecloth. When having your tablecloth cleaned, be sure to work with your cleaner to identify stains ahead of time. Proper pretreatment can help make sure those stains are removed. Failure to treat a stain prior to cleaning may result in the stain setting in permanently.

 A good rule of thumb is to bring one “occasional” item with you to the cleaners every time you bring your usual garments. The pros at The Best Dry Cleaners have been caring for the area’s fabrics since 1910. When it’s time to clean your everyday fabrics, bring them to the team you know and trust!