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1 – Decreased Health Risks

There is a major reason why several clients are switching to eco-friendly or wet cleaning from dangerous dry cleaning? As described above, eco-friendly dry cleaners do not contain volatile organic substances that pose a surplus of health risks, for example, eye & skin irritation, discomfort, and cancer.

High exposure to some toxic chemicals can also cause damage to the lungs or kidneys. More investigation is being led by the EPA about perc as a toxic chemical and continues to become banned in several states & countries; in America, the use of this toxic chemical within residential places has been banned for controlling health risks.

On the other hand, eco-friendly dry cleaners eliminate the exposure to such health risks because they use eco-friendly and non-toxic detergents as an alternative.

Eco-friendly cleaning is water-based it means that not only your well-being becomes better, but the lifespan of your cloth is also increased because it gives your fabric with a gentle wash, at the same time bringing better outcomes as compared to traditional dry cleaning.

2 – Less contamination of groundwater 

Unsafe cleaning agents such as perc, come into our environment after the process of dry cleaning. Meanwhile, these chemicals are frequently not eco-friendly; they gather in plants as well as wildlife.

These dangerous toxins later increase the toxic levels in the environment. Gradually, the water particles will become excessively harmful for marine life to live in.

On the other hand, the cleaning agents in eco-friendly dry cleaning, come from plants and are easily integrated into our environment.

3 – Better air quality

There is a definite charm when you inhale the fragrance of cleaners such as perc on your garments. When you do this, you are at risk of breathing toxic chemicals during inhaling of these synthetic scents.

Meanwhile, products of eco-friendly dry cleaning are generally plant-based, and they have no powerful smells that can cause allergies.

Moreover, eco-friendly detergents utilized for wet cleaning have negligible chlorine-based mixes; this can cause ozone layer reduction.

With this valuable method, you can reduce the possibility of not only inhaling dangerous substances, but you can also decrease the rate of global warming.

4 – Removes Stains Well

The chance of a better alternative to eliminate hard stains is an additional bonus to eco-friendly dry cleaning. Several dry cleaning workshops utilize perc to remove any kind of stains. But, this residue of perc in washed garments reverses the removal method of stain; hence, the stains become prominent again.

With eco-friendly dry cleaners, you can believe the following advantages for your garments:

  • You will find cleaner outfits in ecofriendly cleaning rather than traditional dry cleaning.
  • Wet cleaned clothes do not get the yellowish appearance you usually find on clothes that have been repeatedly cleaned by using perc.
  • Clothes do not get industrial residual quantities of harmful substances like perc.
  • Garments do not have any smell that comes from perc.
  • Clothes fadeless, and the lifespan of your cloth is increased.

5 – Saves water & energy 

Eco-friendly dry cleaning approaches, for example, wet cleaning influences, the technology of the 21st century that uses less quantity of water to eliminate stains and dirt.

Furthermore, it contains a short spinning time; it means that it can save on overall energy spent. Therefore, it is very energy-efficient & ends with a decreased carbon footprint.

6 – Removes cleaning waste

Finally, eco-friendly cleaning does not produce any harmful waste that should be disposed of, but in traditional dry cleaning, workers must dispose of perc, bottles having perc, unclean water, & polluted wipes between other chemicals.

Wrapping Up 

Now, dry cleaning is progressively becoming more biodegradable with the overview of organic dry cleaning procedures. Wet cleaning and liquid CO2 cleaning are very effective methods when it comes to eco-friendly dry cleaning.

Wet cleaning is the non-toxic, professional cleaning process as there is no dangerous chemical, no harmful waste creation, no air contamination, and there is no soil and water contamination.

This article will help you to take more awareness of the advantages of eco-friendly dry cleaning or wet cleaning, and you can share this guide on any platform of social media, for example, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

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