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Hangers are made of various materials, including wood, satin, and velvet. Choosing the right material is the first step when shopping for hangers. Here are some tips to choosing the best hangers for your dry-cleaned clothing!

Velvet Hangers for Delicate Items

Your delicate clothing is fragile, so the wrong hanger could damage your garments. Fortunately, you can keep your delicate clothing intact by using velvet hangers. Soft velvet is gentle on delicate items while also providing the support necessary.

There’s another reason to love velvet hangers. The material keeps your clothing in place, so you don’t have to worry about slick clothes sliding off and falling on the floor.

There is one thing to keep in mind when using velvet hangers. The velvet color can easily transfer onto your wet clothes. That’s not a concern when using a dry cleaning service. The clothes will be dry and ready to hang up when the valet drops them off. However, if you use these hangers for other items, make sure the garments are completely dry before hanging them. Otherwise, you’ll have to take your garments to the dry cleaner for stain removal.

Satin for Lightweight, Wrinkle-prone Clothing

Your clothing will be pressed and wrinkle-free when you get it back from the dry cleaner. You want to maintain that clean, crisp look, and satin hangers can help. Satin hangers can easily support delicate and lightweight items. The material is gentle on clothing and prevents damage and creasing. Just don’t hang suits or other heavy garments on satin hangers. They aren’t strong enough to support heavy items, but they do a fantastic job of keeping lightweight garments looking their best.

Wood Hangers for Suits and Other Heavy Items

Wood hangers are ideal for suits, coats, and other heavy garments. These hangers are durable and can easily support heavy items. They balance the weight, preventing the fabric from stretching. Also, the wood is durable, so the hangers will stay intact as well.

Wood hangers cost more upfront, but they can last forever. Also, you can choose from various types of wood, allowing you to create the look that you want. It’s hard to beat the refined elegance you will get with wooden hangers.

Padded Hangers for Knits and Evening Wear

You don’t want a hanger to damage your knits or evening wear. That’s why padded hangers are such a good option. The padding won’t catch on the garment, so you won’t have to worry about loose threads or rips. These hangers also provide ample support and don’t alter the shape of the clothing.

On a Budget? Consider Plastic Tubular Hangers

Plastic tubular hangers aren’t a great option for suits and other heavy items. They can bend and stretch, so you get the support you need. Also, you can use them for your dry-cleaned shirts and other light, non-delicate items. Consider using these hangers for those items since they are less expensive.

Keep in mind that plastic hangers can lose their shape over time, even when you only hang lightweight garments. When that happens, you do need to replace them. Also, it’s important to know that there is a big difference between low and high-quality plastic hangers. Choose a higher quality to ensure maximum support for your clothing. You might pay a bit more upfront, but it’s well worth it.

Choosing a Hanger Shape

When you’re shopping for hangers, you’ll come across contoured and flat options. Flat hangers take up less space, allowing you to store more clothing in your closet. You can use these for T-shirts and other lightweight options.

You’ll want to choose contoured hangers for coats, jackets, and other garments. Your clothing will get more support from contoured hangers.

Which Features Do You Need?

You also need to consider the features you can get when choosing hangers. Let’s look at some of the most important features you’ll need for your dry-cleaned garments.

Trouser Bar and Shoulder Flairs

You need your suits to look their best at all times. With that in mind, choose a hanger with a trouser bar and shoulder flairs. The trouser bar will hold the pants, while the shoulder flairs will ensure the jacket maintains its natural shape.


If you need to hang skirts, get a hanger with clips. You can clip skirts to the hanger so they don’t slide off. These clips will also ensure that your skirt remains wrinkle-free after using a local dry-cleaning service.

Strap Notches

Dresses with thin straps can fall off the hanger. You can avoid this problem by choosing a hanger with strap notches. The notches will secure the straps, so your dress will stay put.

Choosing the best hangers for dry cleaned clothing is very important to the upkeep and wear on the clothing. Use these tips to help choose the best hanger type for your clothing with the correct features. This will help prevent stretching, ripping, or any damage to the fabric. Trust your laundry to the professionals at The Best Dry Cleaners of Savannah

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