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No matter how careful you are, they’re going to happen: stains! Whether it’s a dab of mustard or you are wearing your morning cup of coffee, every stain feels like a double-down challenge. But never fear! With some timely effort and know-how, you can turn the tables on even the worst stain. Let’s take a look how the professionals tackle your garment gaffs!


  • Time is A Factor – Quick action is a key component to fighting stains. Start with carefully removing any excess stain-causing material, focusing on blotting or dabbing as opposed to wiping or rubbing. Immediately treating the spot with simple soap and water will improve the odds of successfully removing the stain later.


  • Pre-Treatment Required – Simply washing a stained garment is rarely sufficient. Stains require some level of pre-treatment. This could be a substance applied to neutralize and breakdown the stain-causing material or as simple as a thorough soak in cold water. How you approach pre-treatment depends on the stain, the fabric, and the time lapse since the stain occurred. 


  • Choose Your Weapons Carefully – There is no shortage of tips, tricks, and hacks for getting a particular stain out. For example a common strategy for removing a red wine stain is using white wine. And while the enzymes from white wine will help to neutralize a red wine stain, they will do little to remove grass, dirt, and other organic material. Many of these pre-treatment remedies are household products (ex. baking soda, white vinegar) that you may already have on hand.


  • Know Your Garment – Not all fabric is created equal. Materials and methods used on a stained bedsheet for example, will vary greatly from a damaged cashmere sweater. For any delicate garments, it is suggested you leave stain removal to the professionals. There’s nothing worse than realizing you got the stain out but permanently damaged the material in the process, causing the garment to be ruined after all!


  • Post-Treatment Process – Once you’ve done your best to eliminate the stain prior to washing, it is important to follow the garment’s cleaning instructions. Wash the garment on the warmest possible setting allowable by the material. Do not dry the garment until the stain has been eliminated. 


No one has more experience fighting tough stains than the professionals at The Best Dry Cleaners! We are your go-to for all your laundering and dry cleaning needs in the Savannah area. And while not every stain can be safely removed, rest assured we have the knowledge and skills to tackle the worst of them!