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There is no shortage of things in our daily lives that require regularly scheduled professional service. Sure we brush our teeth, change the furnace filter, vacuum the floor; but there comes a point where that is not enough to maximize function and/or prevent damage. When it comes to your clothes and linens, the situation is no different. And while some garments require service exclusively from a cleaning professional, even those that can be washed at home can benefit from the occasional trip to the cleaners. 

  • The Convenience – Today’s young professional has a schedule as jam-packed as any family of four: 70 hour work weeks combined with things like social events, workouts, and travel can leave your home or apartment feeling more like a rest stop than an abode. And when you do have a day at home to yourself, what is inevitably starring you in the face? A mound of dirty laundry! Whether you’re a busy executive or a mom who needs to get something (anything!) off her to-do list, taking your clothes to be professionally laundered and cleaned is a great way to “lighten the load”. 
  • The Care – Here’s a quiz… have you ever worn a new sweater or scarf and had someone ask you, “What is that made of?” only to reply, “Umm I”m not sure… I think maybe it’s silk?”. Let’s face it, it’s not YOUR job to know what it’s made of; you just need to know you look great in it! But you know whose job it is to know? Your professional dry cleaner can tell you what that garment is made of before even looking at the tag and has a care plan in mind to make sure any and every garment comes out looking its absolute best. 
  • The Finish – Speaking of coming out looking its best, have you ever hand washed a delicate garment and lay it flat to dry? What are you usually left with afterward? A stiff, crinkled, mess that might look worse than before you attempted to “clean” it. On the other hand, have you ever picked up a garment from the cleaners that didn’t look like it had just come off the rack at the store? Sharp creases and lines with no unsightly wrinkles; a radiant piece of clothing! Whatever the preferred finish, a professional dry cleaner isn’t going to just clean your garments; he/she will make sure they are looking their best! 

We all need a tune-up sometimes and your wardrobe is no different! Trust the professionals at The Best Dry Cleaners to handle all aspects of laundering your garments. Our experienced staff will ensure you and your clothes are looking their absolute best!