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Moving into your new home comes with many excitements. For example, decorating your house just the way you want it and turning it into a home is just one of them. However, before you start enjoying all the benefits of your new home, you’ll have to set everything up. So, besides refreshing your space with a deep clean, you’ll have to dry clean every garment and linen you own. Since you’ll keep all your clothes in boxes during the moving process, it’s crucial to clean them once you settle in your new home properly. Of course, you can wash them yourself, but you won’t get the same result. Here are the top reasons to dry clean everything in your closet after a move!

Remove Stains & Prevent Discoloration

Most people wash their clothes before packing for relocation only so they can simply put everything in the closet as soon as they start unpacking. However, it’s not that simple. Despite washing your garment and linen before packing, and no matter how careful you were with packing them, you’ll be surprised when you see stains and discoloration. This is pretty common and can happen for numerous reasons.

If you don’t act on time, you’ll end up with stained clothes that lost their original shine and color. To prevent this situation, we recommend dry cleaning. Professionals will know what chemicals to use to remove every type of stain you bring them. In addition, dry cleaning easily removes oils and grease from clothing, leaving it looking immaculate. This is precisely why you need to dry clean everything in your closet after a move.

Of course, you can always wash your clothes at home, but it won’t be the same. You can use the wrong stain remover or wash something one too many times and make it even worse than before. That’s why it’s safer to leave it to the professionals

One more thing – even if you can’t protect your clothes 100%, make sure to keep them safe and dry by using suitable packing materials. This will definitely make a huge difference. So, keep that in mind when you start to pack your clothes for moving.

Eliminate Insect or Pest Infestation

When packing clothes, most people use good old cardboard boxes. While these boxes are great for many things, they can cause several problems for garments and linen. The biggest one is definitely insect or pest infestation. Believe it or not, cardboard boxes invite a lot of tiny bugs that will eat your clothes.

Additionally, we tend to wear only 20% of the clothes we own. The rest of it just sits back in our closets. This means a lot of our garment hasn’t been washed in a very long time. Unwashed clothes are usually home to unwanted insects. Now imagine putting these clothes in a cardboard box – an environment where these little pests thrive. This can turn into a disaster really fast.

This is why you have to dry clean everything from your closet after a move. One good dry-cleaning session will kill all pests and insects, including their eggs. So, you’ll be sure you’re moving into your new home bug-free.

Preserve Your Clothes’ Freshness

Despite washing your clothes before packing them for the relocation, they will have the stale smell from the boxes they were in. These smells will only grow stronger if you transfer all your garments and linen from boxes to your new closet. In the end, you’ll end up with unpleasantly smelling clothes that will attract many unwanted insects.

We suggest dry cleaning your clothes as soon as you relocate. This way, you’ll preserve the freshness of your clothes. In addition, you’ll keep bugs away in the future. So, if you want to have clean and pleasantly smelling clothes, dry cleaning is practically your only option after the move.

Save time

Let’s be honest for a second. Once you move into your new home, you’ll have a million and one things to do, from setting up the furniture to organizing everything, decorating, and cleaning. This is definitely a time-consuming process. In addition, washing everything from your closet by yourself will take a lot of your time. You could use the time for doing something more productive and important (setting up your child’s room, for example).

So, why would you waste your time, energy, water, and electricity on doing laundry when you can simply get them dry cleaned. Not only will this save you a ton of time, but it’s also cheaper than adding to your monthly bill. Trust us, it’s a deal you don’t want to miss out on.

How To Properly Store Your Clothes After Dry Cleaning

Now that you learned why it is important to dry clean everything from your closet after a move let’s talk about how to store your garments and linen after you dry clean them. This is specifically important for seasonal clothes you store when you’re not wearing them. So, let’s begin:

  • Use plastic bins. We talked about cardboard boxes and how they attract pests. That’s why plastic bins are a great and functional alternative for storing your dr cleaned seasonal clothes. Of course, make sure you’re using bins made from recycled plastic.
  • Opt for cedar balls. Cedar balls are a natural insect repellant. If you’re used to using mothballs to keep bugs at bay, you should stop – they can ruin your clothes.
  • Don’t vacuum seal your garments: You may believe that vacuum sealing your clothes is brilliant. However, it is not ideal for the clothes since it compresses the fibers, which may cause irreversible warping and damage. It would help if you allowed your clothes to breathe while stored in the closet.

To sum up…

Having clean garments and linen is essential for a healthy life. That’s why in today’s article, we talked about reasons to dry clean everything in your closet after a move. We explained that even though you wash your clothes before packing them, cardboard boxes and an unclean environment can cause your clothes to get stained or discolored. Also, it can attract many pests and insects that can ruin your clothes. That’s why you need to think carefully about everything and make the best possible decision about this situation. And that decision should definitely be dry cleaning!

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